Advertising that Works: Oreo Thins For the Win

Oreos, but…better for you? The same great taste, but…smaller? Brilliant!

At least that’s what the new Oreo Thins Ads would have us believe, and we think they’re doing a very convincing job.

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The latest series of ads for the new Oreo Thins (a permanent addition to the Oreo cookie family) emphasizes a “sleek” and “clean” feel with few words and large, impactful images of the cookies–which look totally delicious, just smaller.

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The way they emphasize how “thin” the cookies are in the ad designs play into a cultural interest in healthier eating, as well as the constant shift toward slimmer, sleeker products in the tech world. For instance, the ad above shares some similarities with this ad for the Apple iPad Mini:

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The iPad is sexy, so Oreos are sexy, too! The Oreo Thin ad campaign is also making clever use of celebrity and social media–for instance, not long ago, actor and comedian Neil Patrick Harris sent out this tweet:

NPH Oreo Tweet

Accompanied by this charming Instagram post:

NPH Oreos instagram

If that doesn’t make you want Oreo Thins, I don’t know what will.

For these reasons, we have to officially declare the Oreo Thins campaign to be some Advertising that Seriously Works!

Oreo Has a History of Quality Ads…Check it Out:

The Glory Days of Flying by American Airlines

Advertising that Works!

In the early days of flying, airline companies were regulated by the federal government until the 1970’s when deregulation was passed by Congress through the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978. This was in an effort to address the desire for inexpensive transatlantic flights and lower airfares.

Today, because of deregulation, there is not the same glamour to flying as it was during the golden age of flying in the 1960’s and now there is growing competition. American Airlines decides to compete with Delta and United by focusing on those glamour days through ad campaigns showing a flash back from 1953 juxtaposed by a present day image. Their ads say “In 1953, we invented transcontinental service. Today, we reinvent it.” The ads go on to say in smaller type, “Enjoy refinement and exclusivity more often found on private jets, both on the ground and aboard the only true first class from coast to coast. Only on American. The legend is back.”

All of this is in an effort to capture a larger market share of business travelers for premium flights than Delta or United. We believe this targeted campaign is “Advertising that Works!”


American Airlines 01

American Airlines 02