Enhance Your Autumn with “Etnico”

image courtesy of peace107.com
image courtesy of peace107.com

Ah, Autumn! The weather turns cool, the leaves turn colors, and we can all bundle up in warm cozy sweaters and drink cocoa around a crackling fire! At least…some people can do that. Here in Houston, of course, it stays a balmy eighty or ninety degrees until well into October. Leaves stay green, grass keeps growing, and the only time it would make sense to drink cocoa is when you’re trapped in an air-conditioned office all day!

Etnico color collage

This is exactly why we are loving Color Marketing Group’s September color alert, “Etnico.” With a little of this warm, earthy orange in your life, it really does feel like fall! “Etnico” reminds us of autumn leaves and pumpkin pie, and we think it’s the perfect addition to your fall ad campaign.

Here’s what Color Marketing Group has to say:

Courtesy of elitemillennial.com
Courtesy of elitemillennial.com

“Bringing to mind hardened earth, baked pottery and, indeed, the orange of the setting sun, the color embeds

itself deeply in products. It celebrates when enhanced with a metallic effect, seduces with a matte richness and glows with a polished gloss.

Not just a simple terra cotta, Etnico takes orange to a new level in home and office. It is becoming a new staple for leather and a solid color coordinate to copper. Count on it to accent classic hues like plum, navy blue, and ivory, and to create a new twist with charcoal grey, wine and olive green.

Earthy, yes, but also sophisticated, charming and energized.”

Love it, love it, love it! Take a cue from the experts and incorporate a little “Etnico” into your next design for a bold, warm, earthy look.

This chick likes “Etnico” too! A lot. Like, way a lot. Image courtesy of CMG.
This chick likes “Etnico” too! A lot. Like, way a lot. Image courtesy of CMG.

National Creamsicle Day!

Celebrate the Day

It’s National Creamsicle® Day! This enjoyable frozen treat is the perfect way to sit back, relax, and cool down on a hot August day. The combination of vanilla cream and fruity ice is pure genius! Especially frozen and on a stick!

Creamsicle® is now a registered trademark. But according to me it’s more of a flavor than a product. I remember having Dreamsicle’s Push Pops as a kid. Creamsicle® popsicles are not the same as Dreamsicles but they are basically the same flavors of cream and orange flavor. Now you can get cakes, pies, alcoholic drinks, and Oreo cookies all in the same wonderful flavor. And the brand Creamsicle® Popsicles have that same creamy inside for orange, raspberry and blueberry. We’re celebrating National Creamsicle® Day, are you?